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Data Collection / Job Allocation / Job Scheduling

Each member of our shop floor staff is issued with a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. The tablet runs our in house designed and developed management software that is networked across the building. The tablet gives the operators a view of schedule of work, and enables us to collect real time data from the operators by way of clocking in and out of work and on and off of jobs as they happen. Document distribution is much more efficient and always up to date. Each tablet keeps the operators informed with quality alerts, drawing changes and any other useful historical data. Setting Sheets and existing CNC programs are also stored on the database for use at a later date. The end game is for the workshop to become 100% paperless and staff working completely off of the tablets. The addition of real time data collection has also enabled us to develop extremely complex scheduling systems which enable efficient and robust scheduling of shop floor capacity. Document flow is now more reliable and gives customers confidence all required information is to hand before a project begins.