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CAD / CAM Programming

We utilise the power of Open Mind Hypermill and Delcam Featurecam programming systems. These systems enable us to not only create complex 2D and 3D CAD drawings, but also automatically generate the CNC code for all of our machinery. We are also able to fully simulate the machining process in a virtual environment before the program gets anywhere near a machine tool. Utilising this method ensures CNC programmes can be checked for collisions or even missing features, by comparing the machined model to the customer supplied model.
All the machines are wireless linked to the main CAD terminal to enable easy upload and download of our CNC programs. This makes setup of repeatable jobs much faster. We are also able to import and create programs from customer supplied solid model files.We are able to receive customer drawings via email, CD and to our dedicated FTP server in most major CAD and Image file formats including: *.dwg (Autocad) / *.sldd (Solidworks) / *.dxf / *.iges / *.jpg / *.gif / *.pdf / *.tiff / *.dwf / *.stp + many others. We utilise a high speed fibre optic internet connection at CNF, so large files are never normally an issue when emailed or sent to our FTP server.