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Plant List

    • MATSUURA MAM72-35V 32 PALLET SIMULTANEOUS 5-AXIS MACHINING CENTRE Simultaneous 5-Axis machining centre with 240 tool changer, 32 pallets, 15,000 rpm BigPlus spindle, thro spindle coolant. The machine is fitted with Renishaw tool and job probing and runs the latest Fanuc 31i control unit. The machine is ideal suited for small volume, quick setups as well as unmanned lights out machining by utilising the 32 pallet pool this machine offers. The pallet pool enables us to leave regular jobs permanently set making setup times almost zero. We have the machine configured with zero point vices as well as bespoke cubes for larger batch runs.
    • MATSUURA H-PLUS 300-PC15 – FIFTEEN PALLET HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTRE Large capacity horizontal machining centre with 240 tool changer, 15 pallets, 15,000 rpm BigPlus spindle, thro’ spindle coolant. The machine is fitted with Renishaw tool and job probing and runs the latest Fanuc 31i control unit. The machine is ideal for long runs, small batch work that regularly repeats or kits of parts. With 15 pallets all having tooling cube columns fitted, repeatable jobs will have setup times reduced to almost zero, improving delivery and cost to our customers.
    • MX_520
      MATSUURA MX-520 SIMULTANEOUS 5-AXIS MACHINING CENTRE the MX-520 is a single table 5 axis machine with a part capacity of 520mm diameter by 350mm high. Utilising the latest Fanuc 31i control system as well as Renishaw job and tool probing systems fitted. This machine is aimed at fast turnaround complex machined components in a variety of materials and to support our multi pallet 5-Axis machines.
    • NAKAMURA SUPER NTJ MULTI AXIS TURNING CENTRE Twin spindle with two turrets (one with B axis) and capable of turning the most complex of milled/turned components. 65mm through the spindle capacity and upto 8″ chuck. The machine is fitted with a 1.5 metre Hydrafeed magazine bar feed, renishaw job probing and Rotarack part offload system. The Nakamura interface enables remote diagnostics on the machine when running unmanned and lights out.
    • CITIZEN M32 13 AXIS CNC SLIDING HEAD MACHINING CENTRE Ultra fast high speed machining centre with twin spindles and upto 60 tools in one setup. complex components can be machined in one setup without handling. 24/7 operation. machine is fitted with full length magazine.
    • CINCINATTI SABRE 750 MACHINING CENTRES This well known machining centre is ideal for production work with spindle speeds of 8,000 rpm, a 20 station tool carousel and hydraulic vices, this machine will produce high quality parts day in and day out.
    • DUGARD EAGLE 850 VERTICAL MACHINING CENTRE WITH 4th AXIS10000rpm, thru spindle coolant, high pressure coolant system and fitted with a fully integrated 4th Axis with 5C collet capability, 24 Tool auto changer. This machine is ideal for prototype work or full on production. Latest fanuc control unit.
    • DUGARD EAGLE 660 VERTICAL MACHINING CENTRE WITH 4th AXIS10000rpm, thru spindle coolant, high pressure coolant system and fitted with a fully integrated 4th Axis with 5C collet capability, 24 Tool auto changer. This machine is ideal for prototype work or full on production. Latest fanuc control unit.
    • HITACHI SEIKI HITURNER CNC TURNING CENTRESOur plant incoporates thes small machining centres which were originally purchased to replace our ageing stock of bridgeport interacts.
    • HYUNDAI HiT20M – MULTI AXIS TURN/MILL CENTRECapable of bar diameters upto 65mm, operating with a magazine bar feed. Unit has mill and turn capabilities to handle the most complex of parts.
    • EMCO 320 PRECISION CNC SWISS TYPE LATHEThis machine is designed to produce small components with high precison. the machine only has a maximum capacity of 25mm diameter.
    • COLCHESTER CENTRE LATHESThese manual machines are used for second operation and prototype work.
    • MICROTAP II CNC TAPPING MACHINEThis machine makes broken taps a thing of the past. High speed, precision depth and speed make this unit ideal for production or one offs.
  • FETTE THREAD ROLLINGThread rolling attatchments used on all our cnc lathes. Various sizes of rolls available.
  • MITUTOYO APEX CRYSTA 574 – CNC CMM WITH MCOSMOS SOFTWARE & SPC SUITECNC coordinate measuring machine that is at the hub of our inspection department and used in the main for checking of long batch run work or regularly repeating work. This full CNC unit also has part scanning measurement, and various size probes for checking even the most complex of parts. The software is the comprehensive Mitutoyo MCOSMOS suite. We also have Mitutoyo Measurelink software for SPC functions. We are able to reverse engineer parts and measure freeform components using the Renishaw SP25 scanning head.Reporting is extremely comprehensive on this machine and we are able to produce various reports to customers requirements, including full FAI, PPAP, Comprehensive Final inspection reports, SPC reports etc etc.
  • BROWN & SHARPE GAUGE 2000 THREE DIMENSIONAL CMMManual CMM used for quick checking of setups or simple components not suitable for setting up a CNC CMM for. The unit has QCT software installed and enables checking of most features on machined parts.
  • DELCAM FEATURECAM MILLING AND TURNING CAD/CAM PACKAGEVersatile 3D CAD/CAM package capable of creating full CNC programs for both our milling and turning machines. Parts can be proven out prior to getting anywhere near a machine which speeds up turnaround, even on the most complex components. The package allows us to read most 3D model files and CAD formats and quickly generate toolpaths from them, saving time in drawing components first.
  • LICOM ALPHACAM CAD/CAM SYSTEM – 3D & 5 AXIS MACHINE PROGRAMMINGThis CAD / CAM system enables us to generate complex cnc programs with ease and download them directly into any of our cnc machines by way of the dnc link up to our cad station. All our staff also have access to personal laptops to backup programs.
  • Open Mind HyperMill – 5 Axis CAD/CAM Software Suite both simple and complex geometries can be programmed efficiently. Workpieces can be completely machined in a single setup thanks to the broad range of machining strategies. The advantages: continuous and more efficient processes, reduced processing times and higher reliability. In addition, hyperMILL® offers several options for automated programming, reducing machine cycle times and optimising processes. Examples of this include sophisticated feature and macro technology, automated functions such as mirroring and transforming, functions that minimise auxiliary processing times such as job linking or production mode, and fully automated collision checking and avoidance. Full programming carried out against customer supplied or in-house generated models.
  • Kerry CRD 250 3-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath is a manually operated system providing ultrasonic cleaning with heating, immersion rinse weiring to drain, a hand held spray for second rinse (DI optional), and recirculating hot air dry up to a maximum temperature of 100°C – and all in one integrated unit. The CRD is a 3-stage aqueous ultrasonic cleaning system suitable for all applications where in depth cleaning of machined components is required.
VARIOUS INSPECTION EQUIPMENT THAT IS USED FOR INSPECTION ONLY Our inspection department is furnished with some of the best equipment, including CMM, bowers precision bore gauges, mitutoyo electronic surface tester, metric and imperial slips and micrometers, digital calipers, height gauges and bore gauges etc etc all calibrated to traceable national standards and all kept exclusively for final inspection use only. BESPOKE NETWORKED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM USING OUR OWN BESPOKE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SYSTEM Using software designed by ourselves, this is the engine to all our management and quality control systems. Informake will keep track off all work made, including details of material suppliers, employee who made the job and times taken etc etc etc. The traceability functions of the system were an major part in our gaining the quality approvals we hold. As the system is designed and written by us, we are able to add any functionality as customers demand it. This always keeps us at the forefront of IT within our business. We have Remote Access to some of our machinery for diagnostics while running unmanned overnight. This enables operators to login to there machine tool from home and check the job is still running and if not diagnose a possible fault without having to return to the factory floor. CNF utilises a fast internet connection with ability to receive cad files in the majority of formats by email or by way of our own FTP server.